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Smart Solution: myCSN-cloud Helps Smart Cities Deliver Real-Time Services

As smart cities begin to take shape around the world, data-streaming technologies are replacing traditional municipal applications. Klarrio helped several cities in Belgium get ahead of the trend by developing a fully scalable, open, and cloud-native platform.

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Improve citizens’ wellbeing through multiple optimisations

Cities of all sizes face similar challenges to improve citizens’ wellbeing, reduce CO2 emissions, optimise mobility, improve safety, improve waste management, and more. They also face the additional problem of poor economies of scale.

To address the challenge, Cipal Schaubroeck, a provider of advanced IT solutions for public authorities, and Nuhma, an investment holding company owned by multiple municipalities, both joined forces to form a public/private partnership–

The primary objective was to allow cities to build their own real-time, cloud-data platforms that connect multiple sensors and applications in an open way for the benefit of citizens. The partnership also wanted to make sure the municipalities were never held hostage to platforms claiming data ownership.


MyCSN commissioned Klarrio to build a cloud-native platform for creating smart services that allowed participating cities to retain ownership of their respective data.

The platform, called myCSN-cloud, shares data streams and enables innovative real-time, event-driven applications. It also scales to millions of messages per second, along with millions of devices, while ensuring full GDPR compliance.

The results have brought diverse, beneficial applications to citizens, such as wellbeing rewards programmes to encourage children to cycle or walk; bike-sharing schemes (with applications including theft prevention, orphan bikes, and usage prediction); smart connected parking to facilitate parking reservations and subscriptions; waste management programmes informed by connected bins; and more.

The Expertise

  • Data aggregation
  • Data communication
  • Dashboards

The Technology behind

  • Cloud-native platform
  • Two-way data streaming
  • Smart services

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.”

— Jim Rohn


Europe’s largest smart region

Thanks to myCSN, 48 municipalities across Belgium can collect real-time data from air quality sensors, traffic sensors, and more. Data is available on the myCSN platform, and can be exchanged with other organisations, that can connect the platform to 1.2 million smart lights.

Features also include automated deployment and management; provision for a data lake; secure multi-tenancy that allows for 3rd party applications; and the option for a public cloud or on-premise solution.

Klarrio’s solution for myCSN now serves what, with all 48 municipalities combined, has become Europe’s largest smart region.

million smart lights
million messages per second

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